Ultimate Dog Pamper Kit
Ultimate Dog Pamper Kit
Ultimate Dog Pamper Kit

Ultimate Dog Pamper Kit

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We have teamed up with the amazing artisans at Norfolk Natural Living to bring you this wonderful present for anybody who loves their four-legged friend.

This luxurious pamper kit contains natural dog shampoo, paw cleanser, dog cologne (all 200ml) and a personalised brush to keep you pup looking their best.

Dog Shampoo

Formulated using the finest ingredients, including coconut oil and citrus fruits. Designed to gently cleanse the coat of even the muddiest dog, it’s delicately scented with a blend of naturally derived extracts.

The sensitive vegan dog shampoo is the ideal companion to your dog’s regular bath or a quick wash after a long walk along the coast or through the local park.

It is perfect for deep cleaning their fur of dirt, sand, seawater and anything else they may have trampled through.

We scent our dog shampoo with a small amount of essential oils. Enough to give a fresh, clean smell but not enough to inflame sensitive skin. So you don't have anything to worry about while you bathe your dog.

Paw Cleanser

Botanical paw cleanser is ideal for cleansing muddy paws on the go. Naturally anti-bacterial - it will help cleanse any cuts or grazes on their paws and keep them delightfully clean.

To use, simply apply the desired amount to a clean cloth and gently wipe over your dog's paws to remove any dirt.

Dog Cologne

Imagine if your dog carried a scent so pleasing that you had an excuse to cuddle them even more than you already do. That is why we created this fully natural Dog Cologne.

Every bottle is mixed by hand. We use the finest natural ingredients and essential oils to create a long-lasting cologne that both you and your dog will love. Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.

All items are made by hand using the finest natural ingredients. The kit also comes with an engraved wooden brush. All housed in a sturdy metal tin that can be used to house all your Taily essentials for years to come.