The Entourage Effect

The termed Entourage Effect has recently been buzzing around the CBD community. While you've maybe heard of it, you're probably unaware of how this little scientific miracle can make a big difference in your pup's health and happiness. As funding and interest grows for the booming industry, new research is leading to a better understanding of how certain cultivation methods yield more effective and efficient treatment results. 

So, what is this Entourage Effect we speak of? And how can we use this scientific phenomenon to better the lives of our beloved pooches? 

Let's rewind a bit. 

Sometimes, mother nature gets it right the first time... 

Naturally, when CBD first hit the market, researchers wanted to experiment with the new, holistic wonder-drug. They thought that by isolating and extracting certain molecules, they would discover a more concentrated and stronger strain of CBD. This hypothesis turned out to be incredibly false and they discovered quite the opposite: Purified strains of CDB are actually less effective and extremely limiting.

This finding led to the rise of broad-spectrum CBD, which has proven to be more powerful and faster at combatting a long list of ailments. Additionally, broad-spectrum CBD products have shown treatment success regardless of the dosage, whereas CBD isolate has a narrower sweet spot and is less effective if the dose is too small or high.

So, how does the Entourage Effect come into play with broad-spectrum CBD

Going together like peanut butter & jam

Some combinations just work. Luckily, the same can be said for the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant. A heightened sense of relief, which would not otherwise exist, is achieved through the unity of various chemical compounds. This team effort is coined as the Entourage Effect and has resulted in the creation of broad-spectrum CBD, which combines a large number of cannabinoids that inhibit different healing properties. 

Being the cautious pet parent that you are, you're probably wondering if this means that TCH is present in broad-spectrum CBD oil. The answer is…

No, silly! All of the non-psychoactive properties remain untouched and TCH is extracted from the CBD oil. So, no need to worry. Your pup will experience all of the wonderful benefits of CBD without any of the unwanted effects that stem from the consumption of THC. Research has shown that broad-spectrum CBD is stronger and faster at:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Restricting the growth of cancer cells
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Promoting bone growth
  • Inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Relieving pain
  • Treating fungal infections
  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Reducing seizures
  • Relieving nausea and vomiting
  • Reducing blood sugar levels
  • Reducing spasms in the small intestine
  • Relieving anxiety

From our laboratories to your Labrador

We put on the white lab coat and safety goggles so that you and your pup can rest easy. Given the higher, faster and more consistent levels of relief that occur - broad-spectrum CBD is becoming popular amongst industry and medical professionals, as they aim to better serve their patients.

We understand that you want the absolute best for your pet, which is why all of our products are backed by extensive research and science. Through our organic farming practices, we deliver expertly-extracted CBD products that we’re proud to share with your little one. Explore Taily’s broad-spectrum product line today for goodies that are locally sourced and carefully crafted with your pup's needs in mind.

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