My Labrador was on a very heavy anti-inflammatory. He had been in a tremendous amount of pain after falling down the stairs & not being able to get up back up. We tried this hemp oil and within a few days saw some improvement! He has not fallen since and can walk much better since we started using Taily.

Sophie A.

I never look forward to traveling because I always bring my Leon with me. He's fine on land, but as he travels all hell breaks loose. I have a friend who travels a lot with her dog, and she recommended trying Taily so I figured why not. For the first time I was able to get a little rest and Leon actually calmed down. What a difference.

Karen C.

We rescued a pitbull a couple of years ago who's around 8 yrs old now. He has some joint issues from time to time & we don't want it to get worse! He's been on Taily for three weeks so far & he's doing great! His energy levels have even gone up! Definitely buying more and going to get it for a few relatives dogs for Christmas.

Frazer S.