What's the Right Dose For My Dog?

If you've ventured to this blog - chances are, you're looking to make the switch from traditional medicine to a more holistic approach for your pet (go, you!) Given the new territory, you're probably a little unsure of the proper dosage for your four-legged friend and that's totally understandable! We want you to feel comfortable when giving CBD to your dog. The great news remains that CBD is extremely safe and isn't accompanied by a long list of serious side effects, like many treatment options on the shelves.

One size does not fit all

Similar to humans, there's a recommended sweet-spot that allows for optimal healing without any unwanted side effects. CBD comes in various forms such as  oil (link), spray, treats and topical products. 

With that said, it's important to note that the amount you give your pet is dependent on various factors such as degree of ailment and pet size. 

Ways to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

When treating your dog with CBD, the most effective way to administer it is directly into their mouth. This can be a challenging feat if you have a squirmy, rambunctious pup. Over time, many dogs will get used to the daily routine, but some might stubbornly continue to object. 

Taily Recommended Dosage

Tincture Oil (500 mg total)

  • Under 10kg : Up to 10 drops
  • 10 to 35kg : Up to 16 drops
  • Over 35KG : Up to 20 drops

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