Time to Make the Holistic Switch for Your dog?

In an era of trends that go just as swiftly as they come, holistic treatment can easily (and unrightfully) be dismissed as another buzz phrase that will soon be yesterday’s news. In stark contrast to the latest health & wellness crazes, holistic treatment has deep roots and has been actively practised since the dawn of time. In a rush to adopt rapid medical advancements and findings, we collectively threw holistic approaches out the window and put our trust into modern medicine.

While there’s no argument that life-changing and even life-saving modern medical approaches should be celebrated and at times, considered - we must not turn our backs on holistic gems that prove to be tried and true. Both forms of treatment offer different benefits and can be used together to cure a variety of ailments. Basically, it doesn’t have to be one or the other!

So, what makes holistic treatment well, uh...holistic?  

Many individuals define holistic treatment as the “natural approach” and while this is certainly true, it goes deeper than that. Let’s say your dog is having trouble keeping their food down as of late. A traditional vet would likely prescribe anti-nausea medication in order to quickly alleviate the issue. The problem with this is that medication is likely a short-term solution and will not address the larger issue at hand. Rather, it masks the symptoms instead of truly treating them. Additionally, most medications come with a hefty list of unwanted side effects that can be even more severe than the initial ailment you are seeking treatment for.

A holistic vet would look at an upset stomach not as an isolated illness but more so as an imbalance of the entire body. They would assess what is lacking in the animal’s life and explore how this could be a possible contributor. From there, natural remedies and lifestyle changes would be recommended. There are many ways to incorporate holistic practices into your dog's life. Whether you go all in or make small changes; take comfort in knowing that just as humans, animals will benefit from more natural choices. How to naturally treat your pup’s discomfort  

You Are What You Eat 

Many dog food options are grain-filled products that are high in preservatives and seriously lack nutritional value. While this route might be less costly initially, higher medical costs might incur in the future as a result of poor diet. Our pets’ digestive systems aren’t meant to process large amounts of grain, so providing a diet mainly consisting of grain is harsh on their bodies. Luckily, there are a variety of healthy alternatives for your dog! While raw foods are the most beneficial for your pet, you can still improve their diet with options found on the shelves. Next time you’re at the pet store, opt for organic ingredients or meat-based pet food.

Holistically Treating Medical Issues

As we previously touched on, modern medicine might not always be the best solution for your dog. Many holistic veterinarians are ditching the pills and turning to CBD treatment. CBD is known for its effective healing properties and is well-liked, given its’ safe use and minimal side effects. This treatment method is popular amongst pet parents as it is easy to administer either with food or orally. 

Another likely recommendation from your vet will be adequate exercise. Obesity is common in dogs and can lead to everyday difficulties as well as very serious health complications. Making sure your pup gets the right amount of exercise every day is a crucial component when looking to provide a healthier lifestyle for your four-legged friends. Exercise is also a great stress reliever and can be of great value for pets experiencing anxiety, restlessness and depression.

Start today and see how a more holistic approach to your dog’s health is worth the switch! Explore Taily’s line of CBD products – designed to keep your dog happy & healthy!

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