Overcoming Travel Anxiety

Travelling with your pet

We've all been there. From excruciating, long car rides (no really, are we there yet?) to waiting hours at the airport for your flight - travelling can be a little more than you bargained for. And while all of this is stressful for us humans, put yourself in your pup's paws and imagine how they feel. Travelling conjures up extreme anxiety in pets and this anxiety can manifest in various and uncomfortable ways. 

So, what is a loving pup parent to do? 

While there are existing medications to help calm your pet's nerves, veterinarians actually recommend against giving your pet these drugs, as they can interfere with their ability to regulate their body temperature. But wait! Don't chuck your pet's travel bag back in storage just yet. Fortunately, CBD does not produce these side effects and is successful in treating all of the issues that can arise when embarking on an adventure with your furry co-pilot.

Road Trips

Beef jerky...check. Mixtape...check. CBD oil...check.

Depending on the nature of your animal, they either love riding shotgun, or they absolutely hate it. And for those who are more reluctant to go for a drive, anxiety is likely to set in. Additionally, pets of all temperaments are susceptible to motion sickness - a common occurrence for long car rides. You want to avoid feeding your dog too much food before the trip, so using a CDB based oil would be ideal when preparing them for the treck. Giving CBD to your four-legged travel companion is essential in ensuring a comfortable, stress-free ride and preventing unwanted messes from an upset tummy.

Plane rides

The idea of getting on a plane is actually kind of terrifying. The loud noises, change in pressure, cramped seating. Yikes. These feelings of anxiety are amplified for animals, as they have no clue what's going on around them. Anxiety can quickly spiral to pure fear and dread. Symptoms can range from abnormal breathing and panic to vomiting and excessive yelping. You're also forced to keep your pet in their carrier, under the seat. This can be extremely uncomfortable and could lead to joint pain, especially in animals predisposed to arthritis. Before your board, give your pup a few drops of your preferred Taily™ CBD oil. You'll be thankful you did!


You've finally reached your destination! And while you're ready to calm your post-transit jitters with a poolside cocktail, your pup will most likely have to stay behind in the hotel room. This is another new environment that you're introducing to your pet, so they may still feel restless and unable to wind down. After the tiresome day, it's important that they properly hydrate and eat. This can be challenging, as anxiety will likely cause them to avoid food and water. CDB can be used to stimulate their appetite and simultaneously help them ease into their new space. Additionally, it is also a sleeping aid and will help them get their much-needed rest. 

Avoid needing a vacation from the vacation 

Travelling is an adventure! And the presence of your trusty companion should only add to the fun. CBD offers a natural solution to a long list of mental and physical ailments that would otherwise require potentially harmful medications. By choosing to take care of your pup's mental and physical needs, you're sure to get the R&R that you both deserve! 

Make sure to stock up on our products before your next big journey! For a closer look at all of the wonderful benefits that CBD offers for your pet click here.

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